Frequently Asked Questions

We have the highest placement rate of any
dental assisting school in Atlanta, about 70%.
Not only are we well known and respected by
dentists in the Atlanta area, but we have many
calls from dental offices throughout the Atlanta
metro area, requesting our latest graduates.

The tuition covers EVERYTHING: all books,
dental supplies, equipment, uniforms, clinic
materials, jaw model, even your scrub uniform
is included. We also have complimentary refreshments available

When this program was first developed in 1986, our staff
and doctors listed EVERYTHING a dental assistant needed
to know. Grouping topics logically together resulted in our
unique, fast-track 10 week program. You will be in the dental
clinic, working with the equipment the VERY FIRST DAY!!

We accept WIA (Work Force Initiative) and MyCAA (for
active duty military spouses) and we offer extended
financing for up to 36 months through Care Credit for those
who qualify. For instructions on applying to Care Credit,
download our Registration Form.

Yes we do. We teach the most important ones, the
skills that dentists are most interested in. These include:
cord packing, taking impressions, fabrication of acrylic
temporaries, fabrication of oral appliances like bleach
trays and bruxism appliances, nitrous oxide
administration and monitoring, placing sealants, acid
etching and bonding teeth and rubber dam placement.

Yes, we are authorized by the Georgia Nonpublic
Postsecondary Education Commission, the government
agency which licenses and regulates all vocational
schools in Georgia.

Our instructor to student ratio in the clinic is 1 instructor for every 4 students. There is NO school that offers a better instructor to student ration than ours.

We have been teaching this program for the
profession since 1986. Our school was the FIRST of
its kind to teach dental assisting in this accelerated
manner. We have Affiliate Schools teaching this
program across the US in almost every state. Ask
YOUR DENTIST if they know of us. Many dentists
send us students to train for them.

Absolutely not. Because of dentistry’s strict
standards on safety protocols and extreme attention to
hygiene and sterility standards, a dental office is one
of the safest places you can work.

Because we have been teaching this
program for over 30 years, our graduates are
working in dental offices throughout the
metro area. Chances are, when you
interview for a job, one or more of our
graduates are working there.

No, if you make a conscientious effort to
study using the excellent study materials we
provide. Our program provides you with a comprehensive syllabus of ALL material and illustrations
presented during the lecture to make your experience easier and more enjoyable. You will also
have a textbook, “Modern Dental Assisting” with home study reading assignments. In addition,
almost every week you will receive especially designed handouts and study aids to assist you in
your learning.

Yes, we have affiliate schools in almost
every state, teaching the program exactly as
ours, so your certificate will be valid there as
well. One of the advantages of being a dental
assistant is that there will be dental offices
needing your skills no matter where you move

Yes, we train you in ALL specialties AND
we receive requests for our graduates from
all dental specialties. These include pediatric
dentistry, oral surgery, periodontics,
endodontics, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry
as well as general (family) dentistry.

Yes, many of our graduates, after working
as dental assistants, have gone on to
complete their Dental Hygiene degree. In
fact, you will be given preferential acceptance to most hygiene programs if you have been a
practicing dental assistant first. A few of our graduates have actually gone on to Dental School
and are now practicing dentists.

Absolutely not. When we go to dental
meetings or receive emails from our
graduates, they tell us how they LOVE their
job and the office they work in. Many
mention that we have “Changed their lives!”
No two days will ever be the same. You will
have different patients with different
problems to solve and treat each and every
day. You will BE A PART of that patient’s
treatment and have a great deal of
responsibility as a dental assistant. You too
will love your job and perhaps for the first
time, LOVE going to work Monday morning

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