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“I interviewed with a general dentist last year, Dr. _________ he was great. His office staff, his hours, but most importantly, the care that he provided for his patients. I didn’t get the job because he needed someone who had hands on general dentistry experience and at that time, besides instructing, I mostly had endo experience. [she worked for an endodontist following graduation from DCI] His main assistant, became pregnant and had to go on immediate bed rest and they didn’t have time to train a new assistant. However, he was so impressed with what I knew from [Dental Careers Institute] and how I handled myself with his patients during our working interview, he still remembered me after 1 year!! His practice has grown and he wanted to offer me a job before he asked someone else, or looked on Dental Post. This is such a great testament to what a wonderful program that DCI offers and I am so blessed to be a part of it. Oh, the starting pay is $19.00-$21.00 an hour with an increase after probation of 90 days. I thought maybe you would like to share this story with your students.”

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