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“Hey….. I got an interview today with Dr. K’s office. It is pediatrics and special needs. His two managers interviewed me. I took my FMX chart and my bleach trays and my temp acrylic crown. (even though they don’t normally do that there). They were very impressed with my xrays and that I was well prepared for my interview. They said I was the first one to call and come in, so they said they would tell Dr. K good things about me because they liked me so much. They were so warm and welcoming, they are a close nit working family there and I hope he hires me, I love it already. So he is going to call this week to set up a working interview because he was unable to interview me himself today due to a dental emergency. If i get the job I will be his personal dental assistant, nobody else but me, so if he has to take a special needs child to the hospital for sedation he actually takes me with him into the OR. I am so excited. Thanks you guys so much being such great teachers and friends. I couldn’t have done it without you and Dr. E.”

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