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“Hello Dr. Erickson, my name is Alesha _____, RDH. I recently met a student of yours here at my office to do shadowing. I was quite thrilled to see she was from your school as I myself am a former student March 1996. I was a DA for 11 years after your classes, I did general, perio, oral surgery and I was pretty darn good if I do say so myself. I have encountered DAs from other, year-long schools that didn’t know half of what I did right out of your school, I was definitely well prepared and thank you. I decided to further my dental career and became a hygienist in 2009. I was so ahead of others in the hygiene program. The student that came here said you all wanted to hear of past students success stories. …well I am one!! And I promise I did not and will not become a prima donna hygienist we were warned about.”

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