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“I just wanted to say thank you so much for the great experience during the ten week program. You, Kim, Cassie, and Monica are AMAZING!!! I wish you guys had an open practice!! I would fight tooth and nail to be a part of your team…hehe 😉 I also wanted to thank you for the letter of recommendation. That was very kind. I’ve had three job offers but have denied them due to location and number of hours per week. One of which was Dr. L____! I loved him and was very excited about training as an orthodontics assistant and the starting pay but after further discussion we decided that the distance would more than likely becoming an issue in the future. I have faith that the perfect job for me and my family will come along soon. I’m currently in the online interview process with A____ Dental. I really want to work here they offer amazing benefits and the location is great. Thanks again for everything, you are awesome.”

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